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Data Held Hostage: Why Backups Are the Ultimate Ransomware Defense Against Digital Extortion

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Ransomware Threat Grows In 2023

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The menace of ransomware continues to wreak havoc on businesses of all sizes. Surviving a cyber attack has become a common ordeal, with statistics revealing alarming numbers. According to a recent Forbes article, in 2023 there have been 560,000 new pieces of malware detected every day and attacks have nearly doubled since April 2022. According to the CYberint Ransomware Trends Q2 2023 report (Reference 2), the second quarter of 2023 saw a staggering 67% increase in ransomware cases compared to the previous quarter, compromising 1386 reported victims globally. The United States remains the primary target, with business services facing the brunt of these attacks.

As the ransomware landscape intensifies, businesses must take proactive measures to secure their data, especially within Microsoft 365. Though ransomware hackers have not directly attacked data stored in the Microsoft 365 cloud, the vulnerability lies in the user’s computers, where cybercriminals exploit phishing and infected links to infiltrate systems. To combat this threat, a robust backup solution is crucial to protect your organization's Microsoft 365 data from ransomware attacks. At Castle Interactive, we understand the gravity of ransomware's impact and are dedicated to empowering businesses with effective data protection services. We offer Veeam platform backup services, creating backups of your data that are not accessible to hackers.

The Near-Impossible Task of Decrypting Ransomware

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Hackers exploit endpoints like employee computers to infiltrate systems. Cybercriminals employ cunning social engineering techniques like phishing and malspam to gain illicit access, making your organization's data vulnerable. The rapid synchronization of data between endpoints and the cloud, while highly convenient, also enables ransomware to quickly modify files stored within the cloud if an infected endpoint syncs up. The consequences of ransomware attacks are severe, as data encrypted through such methods is almost impossible to decrypt fully. Veeam states that while 14% of organizations successfully recover without paying a ransom, a concerning 19% of those who pay the ransom still find themselves unable to retrieve their critical data, with most reporting only partial recovery. Relying on decryption tools offers no guarantee of success, underscoring the criticality of a comprehensive backup solution.

Ransomware Defense Against Digital Extortion

Backups Are The Key To Avoiding Ransom Payments

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In the face of ever-expanding cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities, an effective backup solution becomes the linchpin of data protection. Castle Interactive’s ransomware defense backup system acts as a robust fortress, securing your Microsoft 365 data from ransomware threats. With affordable plans and quick data retrieval at a granular level through our user-friendly client portal, we empower your organization with resilience. Having a reliable backup enables you to restore the latest safe version of your data seamlessly in case of a ransomware incident. With minimal data loss, you can continue business operations without succumbing to extortion attempts, effectively thwarting cybercriminals' efforts.

As ransomware threats continue to loom over the digital landscape, the imperative to protect your organization's Microsoft 365 data has never been greater. Castle Interactive provides an affordable and effective backup solution to safeguard your Microsoft 365 data from ransomware attacks. Don't leave your organization's future to chance; take charge and secure your data with our reliable backup services. Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment of your company's data protection needs and join the league of businesses resilient against cyber threats. Let's combat ransomware together and protect what truly matters – your data.


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