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About Us


Castle Interactive's goal is to helps teams, departments, and companies to scale and assist in improving customer experience by supporting your Technology needs, staff augmentation, and contingent staffing programs.

Our mission is to help our clients in "Overcoming Growth Obstacles" of Productivity, Technology Complexity, Resource, Time, and Budget Constraints. 

We specialize in helping clients like yourself offload your engineering burdens, by taking responsibility for building and supporting your technology and applications, so you can focus on growing your business. 

Our highly experienced engineers represent the top 10% of IT talent in India, Latin America, and Eastern Europe as well as Canada and the US, speak fluent English, are in sync with your time zone and encompass a deep expertise in all leading cloud environments, platforms, frameworks and programming languages. We deliver unparalleled service and quality to our clientele because these values have been at our company's core from the start.

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Joseph A. Costello
CEO & Founder

After serving his country proudly 6 years in the United States Navy he has lead a distinguished career as an Executive IT and business leader for Citibank, S&P Global, ZD Net, and much more.  Results and detail-oriented leader with 25+ years of experience developing and executing enterprise-level technology solutions and initiatives that have reduced operating expenses by $100+ million and contributed to top line growth. Proven track record of managing multiple concurrent, large IT projects on-time, on-budget using structured, methodical approaches. Superior communication skills demonstrated with C-level management, corporate committees, customers, clients, vendors, and global staff and across functional areas. Strengths include strategic application of leading edge technology, IT operation and infrastructure management, project management, design & architecture and managing business relationships.

Jarrett Crowell
President Client Relationships

Jarrett Crowell is a versatile and influential professional with 20 years of experience in Information Technology and Business. He is passionate about Application and Product Development and has a proven track record of leading diverse teams to deliver high-end applications with exceptional user experiences. Known for thriving in challenging environments with tight deadlines, Jarrett is committed to exceeding client expectations. As the President of Client Relationships, he forges strong partnerships and ensures that client needs are met with precision and excellence. Jarrett's leadership and dedication make him an invaluable asset to our organization, driving our success in creating exceptional client experiences.

Christopher Ericksen

Christopher Ericksen is a seasoned executive who excels at orchestrating complex operations and driving growth. With a focus on client generation, IT directorship, and internal process development, Christopher brings a wealth of expertise to Castle Interactive. His strong background in IT management, particularly in M&A integrations and divestitures and security, makes him a valuable asset in driving projects and portfolios forward. Known for his ability to connect diverse concepts and teams, Christopher is adept at navigating complex projects, rescuing failing initiatives, and building strong relationships. Christopher's approach to communication and leadership centers around "mending fences and building bridges," emphasizing the importance of strong, collaborative relationships as a foundation for business success. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Christopher is an advocate for giving back and has a passion for supporting the homeless and fellow veterans.

JP Costello
Director of Content Production

Graduating Five Towns College with a BFA in Communications, JP produces and delivers content designated for new and traditional media working in direct conjunction with our marketing team and higher leadership to provide an enhanced experience to our clientele.

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Jaime Lash
VP Marketing

Jamie Lash is a highly experienced professional in advertising and marketing, with expertise in non-profit, food service, CPG, and entertainment sectors. She is known for her innovative thinking and strategic approach, optimizing both emerging and traditional channels for effective communication. Jamie's deep understanding of consumer psychology helps her craft compelling brand stories and develop strategies that resonate with the target audience. She is skilled in leveraging emerging platforms and has made significant contributions to non-profit organizations. Overall, Jamie is a valuable asset, driving success across diverse industries through her insightful and creative marketing campaigns.

Alyssa Arnold
Managing Director of Operations

Alyssa Arnold is an accomplished and forward-thinking professional with extensive experience in operations and financial management, a results-oriented mindset, and a passion for leveraging technology to drive organizational success. She is committed to providing efficient, innovative solutions that align with business objectives while empowering teams to embrace digital transformation. Alyssa excels in optimizing internal processes, driving operational efficiency, and fostering client satisfaction. Her strategic mindset and leadership skills, and her commitment to continuous improvement have established a culture of collaboration and success within the organization. Alyssa's expertise in streamlining workflows, enhancing client management, and ensuring compliance is instrumental in driving the company's growth and adapting to market dynamics. With a passion for operational excellence and a focus on empowering individuals in their career journeys, Alyssa plays a vital role in our commitment to digital transformation and organizational success.


Veteran Owned

Honor | Integrity | Precision | Process

We deliver unparalleled service and quality to our clientele because these values have been at our company's core from the start.

Company Philosophy/Values

  • Passion:  We are passionate about helping solve problems. 

  • Process:  We believe successful growth can ONLY be achieved through planning and repeatable process.

  • Honesty/Integrity:  We act with honesty and integrity in everything we do. 

  • Teamwork:  Our strength is NOT in one single person but in our Team

  • Nurturing:  Our customers are nurtured at every step, as they are our company’s lifeblood. 

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