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Castle Interactive provides leading Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to increase site traffic and discoverability across all major search engines.

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We provide you with consistent, white glove, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to ensure you are one step ahead of the competition by applying industry-leading strategies to improve domain ranking and visibility. 



You won't just be another number to us. We take a hands on approach to providing all our clients with the most up to date analytics and tailoring specific SEO tactics to your site. No two sites are exactly the same, so you shouldn't settle for anything less. Companies that use Castle Interactive for SEO/SEM report 75 percent of all keywords yield first page organic results within the first 6-10 months.

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Location based searches will yield a number of businesses in a given area. However, the order in which they are presented is based on a number of different factors, a major component being how well your business is optimized for said results. Our Local SEO services will help push your business to the front of the line.


Throughout the years the competition in the field of new media advertising has grown tenfold, and a single click, tap, or scroll could be the difference between a new customer and lost business. We provide competitive SEO strategies to serve results to potential customers and drive them to your site.

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Hybrid Organic.

We provide a hybrid organic Search Engine Marketing (SEM) model to help increase site traffic by combining organic and paid methods of digital advertising. This will help naturally build a steady overall flow of organic traffic to your site in more quickly than standard methods of Search Engine Optimization which rely on organic results alone to drive new users to your platform.

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