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Castle Interactive Media

Castle Interactive Media provides various multimedia services to tailored directly to best suit your project. We work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the greatest quality and communication the industry has to offer.

Castle Media Business Inquiries/Contact:


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Sports Videography & FASTR Highlight Reels

We provide on-site sports videography, as well as our FASTR Highlight Reels specifically designed and curated for college recruiters, and potential scouts.

DJ Stand

Event Services

Premium event videography and photography coverage whether it's a wedding, a convention, or concert as well as major audiovisual services such as DJ, live sound and lighting.


Promotional Video

Need a promo for your new product or service? We will work with you to create and publish an advertisement that perfectly encapsulates your brand and audience.


Live Streaming Services

We provide comprehensive stream management services to help you reach your audience whether you're live streaming traditional sports, e-sports, or a major conference/convention. We make sure your audience doesn't miss a second of the action.

Video Editing Timeline

Video Editing & Color Correction

Specializing in the Adobe Creative Suite, we provide video editing services, with services ranging from simple clip assembly to advanced color correction and Visual FX.


Documentary & Narrative Videos

Our company has worked on many documentary and narrative films focusing on a wide variety of topics and genres.

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