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Media Monday | An Interactive Weekend

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Media Monday | An Interactive Weekend

Castle Interactive Media had an eventful weekend assisting our clients with different multimedia applications. We joined Ted Glynn of Goalie Solutions at STEPS Lacrosse’s LAX For The Cure Tournament where we provided videography and editing services to some incredibly talented athletes. The following day we provided DJ services at a graduation party for a graduate of Lynbrook High School’s Class of 2023. Today, we’ll recap these exciting events, showcasing the exceptional experiences we helped create and the impact our multimedia services had on the participants and attendees.

Goalie Solutions & LAX For The Cure - Jun 23, 2023

Goalie Solutions

LAX For The Cure was founded by STEPS Lacrosse CFO, Jessica Shoulberg to help empower athletes to raise funds and awareness against cancer and grow the game along the way. They host a tournament every summer as well as a showcase in the fall. I joined Ted Glynn of Goalie Solutions for a day at this year’s LAX For The Cure Summer Tournament in New Egypt, New Jersey. Ted provides specialized goalie coaching for STEPS Lacrosse and other clients who want a more nuanced and methodical approach to their goaltending. I was able to get onto the field and film the action up close capturing some great high-speed footage. Using this footage Castle Interactive Media was able to provide a same-day, on-site promotional edit for Goalie Solutions.

FASTR Highlight Reels by Goalie Solutions & Castle Interactive Media

The event also served as a debut for FASTR Highlight Reels, lacrosse reels specifically designed and curated to cater to college recruiters and coaches. We keep the reels fast and to the point, cutting out extraneous footage and clips that would otherwise cause the viewer to lose attention. These reels are for both goalies and positional players, you can see a sample of our FASTR Highlight Reels below, and you can request a FASTR Reel here.

Graduation Party DJ/JP Interactive Weekend - Jun 24, 2023


Local to us here at Castle Interactive Media, Sara Curly of the Lynbrook High School Varsity Girls Lacrosse team and a recent graduate, hosted a graduation party on Saturday. Castle Interactive’s own DJ/JP worked with Sara and her mother Amy to put together a customized DJ experience for Sara and all of the event’s attendees. Weeks before the event we worked directly with Amy and Sara to secure playlists that would directly influence the song setlist for the evening, we also provided open requests at the party in order to create a more interactive experience for guests in attendance. The result was some great music, dancing, and an electric atmosphere the entire night.

If you would like to hire a DJ for your event or inquire about any of our event services check out Castle Interactive Media’s full suite of services here or call (516)-406-2553.

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