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Interview With FDO.AI @ Start Up Night w/ The LI Ducks

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Interview With FDO.AI Adam Hussain and Jason Hochendoner talk about Generative AI For Small Businesses

Castle Interactive attended Start Up Night with the Long Island Ducks presented by Long Island Association (LIA), Accelerate Long Island (ALI), and Newsday Long Island. We were able to interview with FDO.Ai Adam Hussain and Jacob Hochendoner, prompt engineers and partners at their startup FDO.AI.

"These [current AI] models are meant to be well-spoken they're not meant to be intelligent." Jason Hochendoner responded when explaining some of the challenges he and his partner Adam Hussain have run into whilst building their Edison AI chatbot, specifically tuned and modeled to assist small businesses achieve new growth opportunities. Check out our coverage above or visit FDO.AI for more information.

If you are a startup looking for assistance Castle Interactive can accelerate your company's ability to overcome technology obstacles. We do this by supercharging your company with our agile engineering team, offering on, off, and nearshore expertise to future-proof your business. We provide you with access to industry-leading Engineers, Developers, Data Scientists, Advanced AI/Machine Learning, SEO, Marketing Services, and much more.

Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

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