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Machine Learning

A Global Destination Resort Operator

  • Our client operates a network of more than 379 vacation destinations in 35 countries around the world

  • They have deployed Google Cloud tools as part of a company-wide digital transformation.

  • They continue to expand their use of Looker and BigQuery technology to predict travel demand, monitor occupancy rates, track revenue and reduce expenses during the pandemic.

Case Study

Beach House
Soultion Approach


A Global Destination Resort Operator

  • As a long-time partner with our client, Castle provided critical assistance in the design & development of a scalable, automated cloud-based Machine Learning solution

  • The solution forecasts demand & booking patterns leveraging the client’s existing GCP

  • Environment & Looker and Cloud AutoML

  • In collaboration with the business users, Castle developed Looker models, reports & dashboards which interact with existing revenue data & provides key insights using the forecasted data.

Solution Approach

  • Revenue Managers found it challenging to assess & identify patterns in order to better predict and manage inventory & pricing.

  • They were using a statistical methods, tools & calculations which were time consuming and often provided questionable accuracy and resulted in lost revenue opportunities.

  • A more accurate approach to first identify the booking patterns across multiple segments, resorts and revenue streams, then to utilize these patterns to forecast demand & manage pricing effectively was needed.

  • More importantly, the solution should be scalable, cost effective & implemented within a short timeframe.


  • Revenue gains achieved by the ability to accurately forecast demand & provide booking pattern predictions.

  • Greater confidence in results due to leveraging a more scientific approach which reflects changing behaviors in travel situations like pandemic and other anomalies.

  • Improved management of demand, allocation & pricing across different segments, properties, revenue streams.

  • Improved insights on expected booking pattern with respect to seasonality & shift between revenue streams.

Benefits to Client

Benefits to Client
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