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Industry 4.0

Transforming a Pharmaceutical Company

  • Initial goal of enhancing performance within its manufacturing processes and supply chain.

  • Original Company brought in to do the digital transformation was deemed inadequate and Castle was hired to provide expert insight and guidance on how best to quickly strengthen the plan and position it for immediate implementation.

Case Study

Soultion Approach


Transforming a Pharmaceutical Company

  • Castle Interactives team's revised approach revealed to company leaders the critical importance of putting performance ahead of technology. 

  • Processes and decision making were mapped at an enterprise-wide level

  • Prioritized of activities then determined where digital would most help achieve the company's business strategy.

  • Initiatives were deliberately sequenced in a way that optimized returns for the company.

Solution Approach

  • Joint team working to streamline existing substantial plan

  • Coordination and communication across multiple teams around the global.

  • Diverse technology and initiatives needed to be realigned within a structured i4.0 roadmap.

  • Once the tech and initiatives were realigned they needed to be prioritized and sequenced for performance and value.


  • The revised transformation plan created a precise new path with significantly improved returns — a fourfold ROI increase from original forecasting.

  • Shorter timeframe than initially anticipated now exists.

  • The company's i4.0 journey is underway with full board approval and much anticipation of the exciting changes ahead.

Benefits to Client

Benefits to Client
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