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At The Ready- Information Technology Staffing Solution Services.

Onboarding and training FTE’s is not only expensive but time consuming.

There is always a backlog of Product enhancement/functionalities that need to be developed and/or deployed.  Castle has access to over 1000+ senior level developers, testers and system engineers across the global that are 7x’s less expensive who can augment your current staff and reduce the backlog.




We offer first class design tools to create an optimized, intuitive user environment that drives your app’s potential to engage users and help you achieve your short and long term business objectives  


Web Technologies


Our experts specialize in building high-end web apps using popular technologies from Google, Microsoft, Facebook and many others.

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Backend Technologies


We develop applications that are scalable and robust in order to ensure our clients can take full advantage of their applications. We have experts that specialize in server-side technologies such as Dot Net, PHP, Python, and many more. We use relational as well as non-relational databases to create business apps that are fast, efficient and deliver high performance.

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Open Source Frameworks


We build and set up open-source technologies to ensure compatibility with your IT systems and scalability for future growth.

Mobile Technologies


Our Mobile Application developers have expertise in delivering custom mobile apps for all types of businesses. We develop Native iOS and Android apps, we also have expertise in developing cross-platform apps.

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E-Commerce Platforms


We build low-cost and scalable ecommerce apps that work on technologies such as Magento, WooCommerce, nopcommerce.

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CMS Web Development


We utilize Joomla, WordPress and Drupal – CMS to create business websites that are custom-made, scalable, safe and secure. Our CMS based business solutions function across all domains and can be leveraged for all your marketing needs.  

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We use a combination of custom manual and automated testing to ensure optimal function of your applications. We provide various types of application testing services:

Prices Range between: $20 - $55 per hour (depending on the level of experience)

“I hired 7 senior developers and 3 DevOps Engineers for same amount of money I was paying for 2 FTE resources (developer and DevOps personnel)” ICG Bank

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