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How can utilizing low code/no code web & app development benefit your small business?

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Building a website or application can be a daunting task, especially if your resources are limited. Unfortunately for most small businesses, especially startups, this lack of resources is all too common. You can pay developers to build you a site, but those often require upkeep to some degree, which means you’ll be paying anytime you want to update your site. Don’t forget: that’s on top of paying hosting, and domain costs. It’s these reasons that make no/low code development platforms the ideal choice for small businesses looking to expand their reach or update their brand. Here are three ways no/low code web & app development could benefit your business.

no code web & application development

Time-to-Launch, Second to None

In my humble opinion, the time savings alone are enough to consider a no/low code platform. These platforms are built to be largely a plug and play experience for users, in fact, most popular builders are entirely drag and drop. This helps you avoid the dreadful laundry list of stability issues because you are simply implementing pre-written, quality-tested code to your site or app. Most importantly, regardless of the business you’re in, the majority of new clients will find you online, and the time you save building with a no/low code platform means you’re not leaving potential business on the table.

A Foundation

A no/low code site provides you with a sturdy foundation for future expansion. Many people assume no code sites or applications can never be practically implemented at a larger scale. This is absolutely not the case, you may even be surprised to hear that Hilton (yes, that Hilton) uses the popular platform Wix as the foundation for the hotel chains main website and booking. The notion that no/low code sites don’t scale as you move from business to enterprise is completely false.


While building a traditional, fully-coded website/application may not initially seem cost prohibitive, maintaining one certainly is. You have to place the upkeep in the hands of a separate developer or technology firm, but no/low code web development allows you to stay in the driver’s seat. You get to decide who makes the changes, when they are made and how you want to implement them, giving you even more flexibility and control over your vision.

Learn More

To learn more about how Castle Interactive can help your business develop and implement no/low code websites and applications please submit an inquiry by clicking here.

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